Corporate Sydney Conference Photography

This photography series are from a corporate conference that I shot at one of the function rooms at the Sydney Intercontinental Hotel. I've deliberately converted the colour photos into black and white for impact and effect. These conference photos can also be viewed in colour. However, I delivered these photos to the client on the spot, in colour and unedited, during and right after the event.

If you require corporate conference photography in Sydney, don't hesitate to contact me using this form or calling me on 0420 30 28 10.

I tailor my Sydney photography solutions for individual clients. These particular photos were taken for the event and needed to be high quality and ready for delivery once taken. There is no time or room for editing.

The photos in this particular gallery page were taken without flash photography (besides the group photos). I did use flash photography minimally in order to reduce distracting the conference audience and the corporate speakers. However, photos taken with flash were not as effective in capturing the stage. For photographers: The low light conditions explains the high grain witnessed in the photos but in my opinion it adds positively to the atmosphere/environment of the photo.

I left the artistic photo as the finale. Perhaps there is no practical purpose to the photo above, other than to attract interest in the photo as it is taken from an odd perspective. You have the conference audience facing away from the speaker. But as you look at the photograph you realise that I have actually taken the photo with the assistance of two mirrors.